Love is complicated..!


Yes, you read it right love or relationships are damn complicated. I mean I didn’t experience it personally but I have seen my very close buddy got into one and I have seen him personally so very much before he got in and after he is in one. I don’t really think whatever I say should be your opinion too but guys honestly I felt the very minute details I have seen just by being around. I will try to describe it in three stages to keep it simple and yet give you a feel of what I have experienced.No hard feelings to my buddy on whom I’ve based this blog, one dude, I’m truly happy for you. Not a typical article but documenting what I felt in these 2 weeks. Now let’s get to it.

  1. The “Love Blossom”

As per my small experience of being around the people who got into or trying to get in one, Falling for someone is not complicated. I have personally faced this a lot more times than you can think of but then I completely ignored it that’s the reason why I am writing this post otherwise my opinion would have been different. It is a crazy experience by itself the level of intensity just makes it much more excited…The butterflies in your stomach are the most common ones in this regard. The blossom here just means you just think the person is much more special to you than anyone else. You just feel they’re different and you can get your vibes matched with that person..LOTS OF CONFUSION BUT LOTS OF FUN.

This happened to my buddy as well for him it wasn’t the looks but it was the talks, from a very long time i could feel the frequency of these two matches but he kept on ignoring until a day when she came and talked to him in such a way that he was not the same person anymore complete transformation I wondered and asked him what she spoke about he just told that she complimented him on his academics and asked him why he doesn’t talk to her as much.No idea of anything more but this is not it. I literally saw them by a distance talk for half-hour. Anyways this is the trigger that makes you fall for someone that trigger is different for every other person in this case it’s the “way of talk”.

     2.The Proposal

This is where it gets interesting, a sober teenager never witnessed a proposal before..I was super damn excited to see what happens and what could be her reaction and all that stuff..I repeat I was with my friend at every stage I will be talking about..We literally discussed that what should be told and what he could gift her as a moment to capture..He was super nervous, me a poor guy could do nothing other than cheering him up that no girl could reject him etc..etc..
He started taking my advice a week before the proposal actually happened, He would come with his queries and ask me my opinion on what he thought I definitely enjoyed that somebody does think I can sort out their problems I honestly say I just advised him each and everything I felt that was right to do at that moment. The one brilliant piece of advice I gave him was to try and get in touch with her friends beforehand and just ask them what she talks about you with them, this worked like magic!! Her friends were so supportive, We got to know the feeling was mutual and she too likes him. Shoutout to her friends who are now great friends of mine too.
After all those discussions with me and her friends, he decided to give a present and say her everything he felt…He was nervous obviously anyone would have been.
Then came the D-day the day which my dude was totally nervous and I gave him some pep-talk and as he asked me to stay with him to save him if there was any case of flying chappal or a piece of sweet chin music whatsoever. But luckily nothing happened he just put the present in her bag and said her the three magical words and just ran away he left me also behind. Her reaction was like aaaaaaaaa….. i could see her mouth wide open with surprise and obviously, she too was excited maybe this too was her first time.
The next day he comes to the college I could see his eyes relieved with the fact that he actually told her what he wanted to tell for a long time. this actually made him feel relaxed and not too much worried I could see about the reply he would get.

3.The Post-Proposal

Obviously, it’s a yes from her otherwise I would have not had this section. You can think of any typical young love movies the same thing happened here just not that fast-paced but yes it happened zaroor..
all late-night chats, getting gifts, and what not.This not happened a long time ago this and all happened a week before, Now our dude is a very busy man he is not single anymore, He will be online all the time you see but doesn’t get the time to reply to your messages as his fingers are busy typing for someone else, I Totally agree this young love not much logic but no worries chalta hai.


  • Never keep something to yourself, whomever your friends, family, or anyone close just share it.
  • This one is a subtopic from the first point, never scare away from expressing your love to somebody either it’ll be yes if your feeling is mutual or a straight no if its not you’ll feel bad for a few hours and you’ll end up saving days of time which is much more precious I guess.
  • Not all attraction is love.
  • Never scare off for talking to a girl, they too are humans just talk to them as you normally do with guys…just don’t be creepy that’s it..a light flirting will do to spice up the convo but remember to be in your limits.
  • And finally, the best thing I got from this is my new friends who are friends of her whom I earlier mentioned..sorry I couldn’t mention their names here but yeah guys you are a bunch of amazing people and keep that forever.
“But let’s see what the future holds up for me, right now I’m in the mood for exams and definitely no distractions”.
Signing off,


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