Shows/Movies I’m Watching

How I met your mother

The Office UK

Humble Politiciann Nograj

The Big Bang Theory (Rewatch)

The Office US (Rewatch)

House M.D

Pushpa The Rise

I can never crack NEET if I keep wasting my time on consuming content on the internet and streaming platforms…This is my pledge that I’ll stop watching these many shows and movies from today i.e, 9th Jan 2022.

I will just watch HIMYM during my study breaks to keep me from getting burned out that too only maximum 3 episodes a day.

I will have a lot of free time after my exams and I can do whatever I want as I will own all my 24 hours but I’m now a man with a mission, mission to crack neet and become a doctor. The habit won’t go that easily as it is embedded in my subconscious self it is going to be hard but so am I.


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