finding my lost love for poetry

“poetry is the clear expression of mixed feelings”

W.H. Auden

I have been trying to write this blog for a long time but every time I sit for introspecting I get blanked out and close and get busy with my monotonous life as a student. This has been a tough write as I had to seek into myself, I think that is the most exhausting part “to introspect” for anyone who tries to articulate their inner self.

Poetry has been the way through which I articulate or to say I articulated but as there’s nothing much happening in my life and around I am not able to find the very spark of an idea or inspiration to frame the starting words.

I started writing poems about 3-4 years ago to express my burst of hormones and the very feeling of first love I had during my age of adolescence. As cliche it sounds I had presented my poems to her and she was truly impressed that made me write more and more but now as she’s long gone seems like my love for poetry too is long gone.

This is me trying to find my lost love for poems and in-process find my lost love for people.

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