Getting certain with uncertainty


A lot is going on at the moment unable to attain a sense of pause I was unable to focus on my blogs, this was way down in my priority list as I had many important things going on I am a class 12th student whose exams have been cancelled a week ago and all the prep did practically go in vain. Not being a crybaby here but I was a bit disappointed when I heard this news of cancellation now I have packed my bags and prepping full-on for the competitive exams which are just months away. I write to introspect on how I am feeling during a situation this makes me feel light and can get back to many important things without any baggage. This clarity I wouldn’t have got if I hadn’t maintained a journal or this blog for instance. This blog isn’t getting much traffic and if you ask me do I care my answer would be straight no, never wrote here expecting a load of readers this isn’t Wikipedia, Twitter or quora( i do write on quora do-follow). This felt the pretty good thing to do other than scrolling for hours on Instagram and great grammar is always a great add on to your overall profile.

This was a short read maybe not more than a minute and a half, hope you are doing well and keep exploring till then I will get back with something great and worth your time.

– dhyan.


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